Tuesday, June 8, 2010

knesset members attacks haneen zoabi after free gaza fortilla

the siege is illegal, unhuman, illegitimate
every politician that has a moral stance, opposes the siege.
everyone with immoral stands, supports the siege.
the pirate military operation should be
the pirate military operation was an act of crime which goes agains international law.
an international inquiry should be set up, to investigate what happened on the ship, why
why is the israeli goverment opposing the investigation, why is it opposed to revealeing the truth.
are you sure of the israeli story? and if you arent sure, why did you prevent the reporter to
whydid the israeli goverment ban the press from reporting.why did you (israeli goverment) confiscate the reporters cameras?
why did you silance the
why did you only publish the imaged that relate to the injured israeli soldiers?
why didn't you publish the images relateed to the dead victims, of the 10 dead bodies publish the images.
they accused me of being a terrorist, they accused me of possessing knives and that im terrorist
so im here to clarify who is the criminal and who commited the crime you said that i murdered the people

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